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August 12 - August 14, 2016
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: 2013 Special Announcements

Introduction from the Con Chair

Thank you for registering for Otakon 2013, the 20th Otakon! We're looking forward to seeing you here in Baltimore this week, and wanted to share a few important notes with you before you get here. We're going to talk a bit about the Otakon Matsuri, badge pickup procedures, and our concerts and high profile autograph policies.

See you soon!

Otakon Matsuri

This year the Otakon Matsuri will take place at Baltimore's West Shore Park, located just off Light St. between the Baltimore Visitor Center and Baltimore Science Center. At the green arrow on the linked map.

We've got plenty planned for our Matsuri, from carnival games, a variety of succulent foods, representatives from some local anime clubs and conventions, performances by some of the hottest musical acts around, Yukata Contest, and more! Best of all, the Otakon Matsuri is free of charge to everyone; you don't even need your badge to Otakon 2013 to get in!

This year we've extended the hours for the Otakon Matsuri, it begins at 12 noon on Thursday, August 8th and goes til 8:00 PM. Come out and start off the Otakon weekend right! For more information check out the Matsuri Page!

Thursday Pre-Reg pickup instructions

Every year some of you gather early Thursday to be the very first to get your membership badges. While we encourage you to go and visit the Otakon Matsuri, as lines do disperse over the course of the day, we understand that for some of you it is a point of pride. This year, to help combat the heat and weather, Otakon will be queuing people in a separate indoor area before they go to the main registration lines.

On Thursday, Pre-reg line starts at the Otterbein Lobby, located on Sharp Street.

Pre-Reg pickup does not begin until 2PM. However, at roughly 11AM (or closest time available) we will open the doors and line people up in the pre-queueing line. This will alleviate some of the crowding we typically get on the street. It also gives people in the pre-queue line access to restrooms and Centerplate food services.

Use the image below as a guide. We will also have signs around both the old and new entrances, along with staff, to assist any members with this change.

If you are a member with special needs, please join us at the Pratt Street Lobby entrance. If you have instructions to use another entrance because you are an artist, dealer, panelist, etc, please continue to use the entrance as instructed.

Please note that this change only takes affect Thursday, and regular lining at the Pratt Street Lobby entrance will resume on Friday."

Friday Pre-Reg pickup instructions / Reg instructions

Our Friday registration instructions have not changed. These maps along will staff will be available to assist members during lineup.

Special needs / Will Call

If you are a member with special needs or have otherwise been instructed to use the "Will Call" window, please proceed to the following location.

Guidebook Link

Did you know that the Guidebook for Otakon has already been released? If you have a smartphone, download the free app and the interactive Guidebook!

Guidebook Instructions

Saturday Arena Concert - Lineup Procedures

With the Arena seating approximately 10,000 people as configured, we expect that we will be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to see the show. Your valid 2013 Otakon badge is the only requirement.

However, please see the following link for lineup instructions:

Saturday Concert Information

Sunday Concert Passes

Due to the expected high demand, attending Sunday's concert in the BCC Main Events Hall will require a concert pass. We have instituted a "First come / First served" process for pickup, and there will be a limited number of passes available Friday and Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning. There will be a separate lineup specifically for passes that are available, in a separate lobby.

We will also be simulcasting the concert in Hall A (Video 1), and that will be an open seating area.

Please see the following for more details:

Saturday Concert Information

Autographs for T.M.Revolution and YOKO KANNO

T.M.Revolution and Yoko Kanno are offering extremely rare autograph opportunities on Friday and Saturday. We will be issuing passes on a first come first serve basis. You must have a special autograph pass for these sessions.

Given the extraordinary scarcity of these sessions, there will be only one pickup time for these autographs friday morning.

Please see the following for more details:

Saturday Concert Information

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