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July 24 - July 26, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: Directions - All Roads Lead to Otakon


Transportation within Baltimore FAQ (v15.0 release July 2015)

New for 2015, still subject to updates and upgrades; please check back often for updates and additional information. Questions, corrections, and comments may be sent to us through our contacts form here or via the Otakon Message Board.

This FAQ is aimed at those who are getting to Otakon by means other than driving themselves. Specifically the question answered is “How do I get to the convention from the bus station, airport, or train station by either walking or using Baltimore’s public transportation system?” (Of course, taxis are always another option.) Also included are a few tips for those who plan on driving to the con (see sections 5 & 6).

Web sites you might want to visit:

[Google Maps]
[Charm City Circulator] [Baltimore MTA]
[Baltimore Super Shuttle]
[More Transportation]
[Map of Hotels] hotelmap.pdf

This information is consolidated from a slew of tips from both Otakon attendees and Baltimore-resident transportation specialists; all efforts have been made to assure accuracy, but Otakon can bear no responsibility for changes to schedules, fares, or highway conditions. Consider yourself warned. Prices quoted are from various web sites, some from previous years, so trust their accuracy only as much as you trust the 'net' I wouldn't bet my munchies money on it, and would bring along some extra just in case.

Let's have a quick look at a few major updates in this year's document for your consideration:

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