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July 24 - July 26, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Art: Art Show & Auction: Mail-In Submission Info

Otakon Art Show & Auction

Entry Rules and Requirements

  1. In accordance with the law in the state of Maryland, you must be at least 18 years of age to submit artwork into the Art Show.
  2. Mail-in Submissions for Art Show are limited to the purchase of a single lot, at the cost of $25.
  3. Multiple prints of an artist's original work will NOT be allowed.
  4. All work submitted to the Art Show must be accompanied by the following:
    • A photo-copy of the original artist's government-issued photo ID
    • Fully completed Art Show registration forms for both the artist and each individual piece of artwork being submitted
    • A $25 payment for the lot fee.
    Any artwork received missing any of these things will not be accepted!
  5. Payment for Mail-In submissions must be in the form of a Money Order. NO personal checks, debit/credit, or cash will be accepted.
  6. Mail-in Submission opens on May 21st and closes June 30th. Any artwork received before or after those dates will not be accepted.
  7. Only the original artist may submit artwork to Art Show via the mail-in process.
  8. Each piece of artwork being submitted to the show must be CLEARLY MARKED as an original or a copy.
  9. When filling out the artwork registration forms, please make sure you fill in EITHER a Quick Sale amount OR a Minimum Bid amount for EACH PIECE. Any work submitted with both amounts entered will automatically be registered with the Quick Sale amount.
  10. In the event that your artwork does not sell and you wish it returned to you after the convention, you MUST include a postage paid shipping label with your submissions. Unsold art without a shipping label at close of the convention will be assumed abandoned and will be disposed of in manner determined by Art Show Staff.
  11. Submitted material should be able to fit on a flat (36" by 72"), or stand freely upon a standard table (20" by 68"). Freestanding art must be less than 23" tall. All artwork should be completed before submission.
  12. Items such as t-shirts, magnets, puppets, and so on, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. While we heartily encourage free expression and exploration into varying media, Otakorp, Inc., at the discretion of the Art Show staff, reserves the right to reject any submitted artwork, or to remove submitted artwork from display.
  13. Any piece of artwork submitted to the Art Show is for sale or auction.
  14. Charity Auction Submissions are not a part of the Art Show mail in submission process and have a different set of guidelines.
  15. Otakorp, Inc. will not be responsible for copyright infringements made by participants of the Art Show.


  1. Fill out the artist registration and artwork registration forms in their entirety BEFORE shipping.
  2. Make sure that you have selected the appropriate bid amount for each piece, and that you have chosen EITHER the Quick Bid or Minimum Bid for each piece. (Please refer to #9 under Entry Rules and Requirements.)
  3. Please do not cut up the forms! They are designed to be single sheets for the staff to file easily.  
  4. Mount your piece if at all possible. Rolled-up pieces of paper are almost impossible to display attractively (though we will certainly do our best).
  5. Please take extra care to package your submissions well. Art Show will not be held responsible for damaged artwork!
  6. Avoid heavy and/or glass frames. They are difficult to handle and damage easily, particularly during shipping.
  7. Cel paintings sell best with a background, even a simple one.
  8. If your piece is done in ink or pencil or some other easily damaged medium, we recommend protecting it with a layer of fixer or plastic covering.
  9. When ready to submit your artwork, address it to:
    Otakon Art Show 2014
    28 E Ostend St #101
    Baltimore, MD 21230

Contact Information:
Mike Porter
Art Show Co-Department Head
410 635 0259

Matthew Merenbloom
Art Show Co Department Head

E-mail us through our contact form.

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