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August 11 - August 13, 2017
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington DC, USA
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Events: Anime Music Videos - Submit via CD/DVD

Otakon 2016 AMV Contest

AMV Quick Links:

AMV Front Page | Submit via FTP

General Rules

  • Each entrant is allowed to submit one (1) submission to the OTAKON® AMV Contest. Users found creating multiple studios with the intent of circumventing the submission limit will have all of their entries disqualified.
    • If you are submitting a solo project but also want collaboration credit on someone else's video, or if you were a part of multiple collaborations, please contact for details on how to do this.
  • We will only accept entries that are sent to us through our own ftp server, or through the mail. We will not download your entry for you from your rapidshare/sendspace/whatever, nor will we accept entries sent by E-mail/AIM/MSN etc.
  • Do not include studio bumpers or video credits. Any lead-in/lead-out that we cannot remove could be grounds for disqualification.
    • We create custom, uniform title cards for every entry, finalist or not. Adding bumpers/credits on top of that just uses more screen time than is necessary.
  • Your entry must be primarily anime and/or video game footage. The exception to this rule is a live-action adaptation of an anime or video-game, intended for television broadcast or release to movie theaters. Footage from such live-action adaptations will be accepted without penalty.
    • "Anime" footage is loosely determined by the animation studio that produced the art for the show. If it is an Asian studio, then the footage will likely be allowed. If it is not, then your entry could be disqualified. Sorry, but by this definition, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra" are not "anime" and will be disqualified. We have to draw the line somewhere.
  • Your entry should not contain unaltered video, taken from your audio source's official music video or trailer.
    • If we play your AMV side-by-side against your song's official music video/trailer, and there are sequences where both videos are identical (or even nearly identical), then your video may be disqualified at the director's discretion.
  • Your entry's audio must be primarily music. Excessive narration/dialog may be grounds for disqualification.
    • This rule does not apply to entries that are sent to the "Trailer/Parody" category.
  • Your entry may not contain any audio taken from a commercial English dub, but may contain dialog that you record yourself.
  • Your entry may not contain any commercial studio logos or TV station watermarks. This includes DivX and website watermarks.
    • Including a TV station watermark on your footage, even for just one scene, is the easiest way to get yourself DISQUALIFIED really fast.
    • Parody logos and trademarks may be accepted. However, trademarks and logos that have been modified are also NOT OK. If you wish to parody a logo, you cannot use the original logo as a base.
    • Submissions to the "Trailer/Parody" category which contain the popular green approval screen beforehand may NOT contain any mention of the MPAA. 
  • Your entry will be disqualified if your footage contains visible subtitles or karaoke lyrics that you did not add yourself.
  • Your entry must be longer than 30 seconds in running time. There is no maximum length.
    • Entries that are over 6 minutes in length and do not make the final contest, will only be screened if we have the time to do so.
  • Submissions with nudity, offensive language, and/or excessive violence may be disqualified at the coordinator's discretion. 
    • The contest screening will be open to the general public, and thus the content must be appropriate for the general public. 
    • Entries disqualified under this rule will very likely not be screened at the OTAKON® convention.
  • Convention attendance is not required to enter. Attending the convention will not boost your chances of winning and/or making the final cut. 
    • The checkbox on the submission form asking whether or not you will be attending is purely for informational purposes.
  • Anti-Trolling Policy: If your entry has won a major categorical award, First Place or Best in Show at any convention that has screened their contest before June 16th 2016 (yes, this is a Thursday), then your entry will be automatically be entered into the OTAKON® AMV Contest as a "non-finalist" (this is different than being disqualified!). 
    • Second Place, Runner-Up, Judge's Choice, etc. all DO NOT count for this rule and you may submit any entry that has won any of these awards without penalty.  Qualifying awards are up to the OTAKON® AMV Contest coordinator’s discretion.
    • Entries that were featured in the final AMV contest at any previous OTAKON® convention will be disqualified.
      • The OTAKON VEGAS® convention is not the same thing as the OTAKON® convention.  This rule only applies to videos entered at a prior OTAKON® convention.
  • The better quality video that you send us, the better it will look. Visual anomalies from poor compression will be enlarged as our screen is bigger than your computer monitor. 
  • The OTAKON® 2016 AMV Contest will accept submissions from anyone except for OTAKON® staffers/gophers who participate in the ballot counting process.
  • The AMV Contest Coordinator reserves the right to reject any video on any grounds.

Submit on CD/DVD

  • Please note: We no longer accept entries on VHS tape.
  • Deadline: Your submission must be received (not postmarked) by Sunday June 19, 2016. Entries received late will not be accepted into the OTAKON® 2016 AMV contest, nor will they be considered candidates for the AMV non-finalist screenings. 
  • The OTAKON® AMV Contest accepts entries recorded on all burnable and removable electronic media.
  • The OTAKON® AMV Contest will accept entries in virtually any file format using almost any form of compression. The more popular the codec, the better the chances are of us handling your video properly. If we can't convert your video, we will let you know. 
    • NTSC interlaced video is perfectly acceptable. PAL interlaced is OK as well. If your submission is interlaced, please test it on a broadcast-quality decoder card such as a Hollywood+ or a Netstream2000 to ensure proper field order throughout your video. Your VGA card's tv-out function is not a suitable means of testing your submission. 
  • Acceptable framerates are 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, and 30. Any other framerate will be converted to the nearest valid framerate. 60/59.94 fps video will be interlaced when we convert it, so some detail may be lost, but not fluidity. 
  • The contest is screened at 720x480. All entries that we receive will be scaled to this size. 
  • The OTAKON® AMV contest is screened on both 16:9 and 4:3 screens.  OTAKON® staff will handle all of the necessary aspect ratio conversions so that your entry plays correctly on both formats.  Please refrain from letterboxing (black bars on top and bottom) or pillarboxing (black bars on the sides) your video if at all possible so that we can work with the full resolution copy of your video.  Bottom line, send us what looks right to you.
  • If submitting on DVD or Blu-Ray, refrain from authoring your disc if at all possible. Simply burn your video(s) to the disc as a data file. 
  • If a video is too large to fit on one disc, we recommend splitting the file using WinRAR or 7-zip
  • You must fill out a submission form for your entry. Access the submission form here. You may include a printed copy of the form or the confirmation email that you received after filling it out, but it is not necessary. 
  • Name your file in the format "Studio Name - Video Title.ext". Example: "VicBond007 Productions - Accidentally in Love.mpg". Use the same studio name and video title that you provided on your submission form. 
  • Please use a marker to label the surface of your disc with the following information: 
    • Your video title. 
    • Your studio title. This must match the studio name that you provided on your submission form. 
    • If your video spans more than one disc, label the disc in the format of "Disc X of Y". (Example: Disc 1 of 3). 
  • Do not affix an adhesive label to the disc, and do not simply label the disc case. 
  • Please ensure that the only content on your disc is the video that you intend to submit to the contest. 
  • After you have filled out the submission form, please mail your disc to the following address: 

PO Box 354
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

  • Submitted media cannot be returned. 
  • The OTAKON® AMV staff and Otakorp, Inc. are not responsible for lost or damaged media. We will do our best to notify you when your entry is received. However, we cannot guarantee confirmation before the submission deadline. If you wish to ensure confirmation, ship your disc with delivery confirmation.
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