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July 24 - July 26, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Events: Otakon Talent Show

Welcome talented otaku one and all! This year's Otakon will debut a brand new event, the Otakon Talent Show! From the people who brought you Otaku Idol comes the next evolution in Otakon game shows, the Otakon Talent Show will bring out the best of the best to entertain and amaze our attendees, by having YOU show off your amazing displays of talent and showmanship!

What, you may ask, has to do with this kind of show? If you have a talent, ability, or skill that pertains to Asian and Otaku Culture, this is the show for you! We're looking for you to show us what you've got, in the hopes of showing off and entertaining many of your peers, friends and family at this year's Otakon. What we're looking for is, but not limited to, Asian language singers, Asian styled/influenced dancing, martial arts demonstrations, Asian culture influenced comedy routines, anything you can think of that lets you show off your natural born talent/s, that can also be tied into Asian and Otaku culture. Use your imagination and bring your A game to wow our judges and the audience.

Here's how it will go down: we'll hold try-outs on Friday, August 8th, the first day of Otakon (the time and place will be announced at a later date), any person/s interested (up to a group of 4 maximum) can sign up for a 3 minute time slot at the Otakon Talent Show Try Outs event to show us what you've got. If the judges like what you've got, you can earn your spot in the final round.

The final round will be held the following day, Saturday, August 9th, the second day of Otakon (again, the time and place will be announced at a later date.) Each contestant/group that makes it to the final round will have 5 minutes to show off your talent. The talent/performance/song etc. that you demonstrated on Friday MUST be different than the one you do on Saturday, if you make it to the final round. So that makes not one, but TWO different performances you need to come up with to bring to Otakon and show off. So, if singing is your thing, you need to prepare 2 different songs with you, one for the try outs and the other if you make it to the finals, each with the appropriate instrumental tracks, provided by the contestant. All contestants MUST provide their own props, music/cds/mp3 player etc. for their performance. Otakon will have the appropriate means to hook up your music/mp3 players etc. to our sound system, but Otakon will not be providing instrumental tracks, props, music players, etc.

We will have winners to be decided in various categories, ranging from best singer, best performance, best comedy act, best martial arts demonstration, just to name a few (there will be more categories for winners and prizes, depending on what kind of talents we have, as well as a few surprise categories!) Contestants will be judged on stage presence (how well you work the crowd and the stage), cultural relevance (how accurate/relevant your performance is to Asian/Otaku culture), and impressibility (how impressive and creative your talent is.)

So, once again, if you're interested in this kind of show, start thinking of not one, but two songs, dances, martial arts demonstrations, comedy acts, etc. to show off at Otakon, one for the try outs, and one if you make it to the final round. We will be taking 60 entries (one entry counts as an act consisting of 1 to 4 person/s) for the try out round. Each entry will have 3 minutes to show us what they've got. If they've got what it takes, we'll take the 30 best entries and put them in the final round. Each entry in the final round will have 5 minutes to blow us away for the top prizes. So get cracking on those ideas and acts, and get ready to get your talent on!

How to Contact Us

  • A representative of the Otakon Panels Department can be reached at the following number: 410-262-1422.
  • This number is for emergency issues only!
    • "My flight is delayed and there is no way we'll be there for our panel".
    • "It's Friday morning, I"m stuck outside and we're scheduled for a 9am panel.
  • We will not be taking informational type calls on this line
    • "What time is my panel?"'
    • "What room is xxxxxx panel in?"
    • "Has my co-panelist checked in?"
    • etc..
  • Please stop into Panel Ops for those types of inquiries.

Thank You for your attention and for your contribution to Otakon 2014! See you @ the CON!

Otakon Panels Staff

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