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July 24 - July 26, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Events: Panels Roster

We are pleased to announce the following panels which have been selected for Otakon 2014!

NOTE: This list is comprised of the fan submitted panels which have been selected and does not reflect any of the guest or industry panels you can expect to see.

Please note that scheduling for Otakon 2014 is not yet complete. As such, there is always the slight possibility that a panel or two may be bumped or wait listed at the last minute due to time and space constraints. No such determinations have been made at this time and any panelist whose panel is bumped or wait listed will be notified by the Panels Department ASAP.

NOTE: 18+ wristbands are required for entry into any panel marked as 18+ (the highlighted ones). Wristbands can ONLY be obtained from the wristband booth. The staffer(s) at the Panel room door(s) will NOT be able to check your I.D. or issue you a wristband.

So, without further ado...

  • +2Comedy's Anime Stand-Up
  • A Brief History of Anime: 100 Years in 50 Minutes
  • Ai Yazawa: The Retrospective
  • AIEee! Horror Manga of the 20th Century
  • Amazingly Obscure Anime: Over 30 Titles You've Probably Never Heard Of (But Are Awesome)
  • AMV Hell 7: Attack on 10 Year Anniversary - Encore Presentation
  • Anime Biology 101
  • Anime Idol
  • Anime Openings Around the World
  • Anime Rest Stop presents: Mechapocalypse
  • Anime Rest Stop presents: Skin Deep: A Historical Look at Diversity in Anime and Beyond
  • Anime's Craziest Deaths
  • Asian Cinema Crash Course Light: Now with 100% Less disembowelments!
  • Aspergers and Fandom
  • Attack on Titan: The Sociological Impact of Fear
  • Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Video
  • Bad Anime Bad!!
  • Beyond The Tentacle: Japanese Fetishes Fandom Redux
  • Capcom or: Why High Blood Pressure is Mega-Awesome!
  • Castlevania: A Bloodstained Retrospective
  • CLAMP's Multiverse
  • Closet Cosplay
  • Cosplay and Identity
  • Cosplay in the Media by Cosplayer Nation
  • Destroy All Giant Monsters A Go Go!
  • Digital Color and Lettering for Comics and Manga
  • Dubs that Time Forgot
  • Elements of Style: Anime Openings
  • Fabric Choices in Cosplay
  • Film Smash Presents "Lethal Ladies: A Visual History of Women in Asian Action Cinema"
  • Fire Speed and Altitude: An Introduction to Real Life Spaceflight
  • From Anime to Live Action: You Can (Not) Adapt
  • Ghibli in Love
  • Ghost in The Shell: Vision of the Future?
  • Girls und Panel Ausf. C
  • How to pilot a mecha in today's world
  • Import Gaming for the Lazy
  • Intro to Fan Fiction
  • Intro to Josei
  • Introduction to Anime and Manga Studies
  • It's Toku Time!
  • Japan Loves Evangelion (Entirely Too Much)
  • Japanese Drinking Culture: Proper Etiquette and Presentation
  • Japanese & Korean Dramas: An introduction for anime fans
  • Japanese Hotness: Gravure Idols and You
  • Japanese PVC Figures and Collecting
  • Japanese Whisky 101
  • Journey To The Stars
  • Kill la Kill and the Transformation of a Japanese Legend
  • Kill La Kill: Spot the References Beginner's Edition
  • Kimono Formality Seasons and Motifs
  • Kurosawa: Romancing of the Samurai
  • Learning about Japanese Fine Arts– Kimekomi Doll Making
  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Making History
  • Let's Draw a Manga!
  • Let's Make a Character
  • Let's Talk Swords II
  • Let's Work In Japan!: The JET Program Info Panel
  • Light Spike and Alucard Walk Into A Bar… How the Anti-Hero Works
  • Light Novel Translation
  • Lolita 101 - Introduction to Lolita Fashion
  • Manga and Comics After Dark
  • Martial Arts Fight Scenes V: The Ladies
  • Moon Prism Poptarts: Sailor Moon Fandom in the 90s
  • Naruto Fan Panel
  • Nerds Notes & Notoriety: A Q&A With Adam WarRock and Tribe One
  • New Anime for Older Fans
  • Ninja in Anime: The Sweet and (Mostly) the Stupid
  • Ninjas Spider Monsters and Cyber Criminals: The Great Worlds of Yoshiaki Kawajiri
  • Nintendo: The History of Mario
  • OC ReMix: Video Game Music = The Greatest Thing Ever!
  • OMG!..WTF Did I Just Watch?
  • Philosophy in Video Games
  • Pokémon vs Digimon
  • Pulse Demon: Noise & Experimental Music From Japan
  • Ramen: Japanese Soul Food
  • Real Vampires Don't Sparkle: A Hellsing Panel
  • Riff Theater
  • Sake 101
  • Satanicartoons: The Devil in Anime
  • Sega does... what Nintendon't.
  • Shoujo Rock Heaven
  • Simple Japanese
  • Spirits Wheels and Borrowed Gods: Anime and Japan's Sacred Culture.
  • The 36th Chamber: An Intro to Kung Fu Cinema - WITHDRAWN
  • The Abridged Series Panel
  • The Big Ad Showdown: Japan vs. the US
  • The Classic Anime and Japanese Pro Wrestling Connection
  • The Crash Course to Yaoi
  • The Happy Hentai Hacienda
  • The Measure of Man. The Nature of a Hero: A Fate/Stay Night Panel
  • The Mythology and Psychology of Persona 4
  • The Name's the Same - WITHDRAWN
  • The Other Way Around: American Comics Localized in Japan
  • The Path of Gundam - A Universal Century Chronology
  • The Visual Novel: Psychology of the Unrecognized Narrative Art
  • The Visual Stylings of Kunihiko Ikuhara
  • The Weirdest Games You've Never Played Pt. 4: Race To The QWOP!
  • The Worst Anime of All Time
  • The Xeno Factor – Works of Tetsuya Takahashi
  • Toonami: A Celebration of a Generation
  • Touhou Project
  • Transformers: The Panel v3.0
  • True Love Hurts: A Yandere Survival Guide
  • Twinfinite's Introduction to Visual Novels: the Medium that the West Just Can't Put Down
  • Uncle Yo: Fandoms and Facepalms
  • Unusual Manga Genres
  • UProv Comedy: Geek Improv Comedy Show
  • Utena and Madoka Heroism and Journeys: The Movie
  • When Moe Goes Bad
  • Whose Line is it Anime?
  • World War Two in Anime
  • Write about Anime for Fun and Profit
  • You're Wrong & You Should Feel Bad!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! More Than Just A Card Game
  • Yukio Mishima: Samurai Poet
  • Zelda or: How I Learned an entry's great "cap"acity has di"minish"ed
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