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August 8 - August 10, 2014
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Events: Panels Roster

We are pleased to announce the following panels which have been selected for Otakon 2013!

NOTE: This list is comprised of the fan submitted panels which have been selected and does not reflect any of the guest or industry panels you can expect to see.

Please note that scheduling for Otakon 2013 is not yet complete. As such, there is always the slight possibility that a panel or two may be bumped or wait listed at the last minute due to time and space constraints. No such determinations have been made at this time and any panelist whose panel is bumped or wait listed will be notified by the Panels Department ASAP.

NOTE: 18+ wristbands are required for entry into any panel marked as 18+ (the highlighted ones). Wristbands can ONLY be obtained from the wristband booth. The staffer(s) at the Panel room door(s) will NOT be able to check your I.D. or issue you a wristband.

So, without further ado...

  • 100 Years of Japanese Animation: A Brief Overview
  • 45 Years of Shonen Jump: A Visual History
  • 50 Years of Anime: Openings
  • A First-timer's Guide to Sewing
  • A Kiss For The Petals
  • A Study of Heroines: Compassion and Courage in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Madoka Magica
  • Ace Attorney All Stars
  • Amateur Voice Acting 101
  • An International Game of Telephone
  • Anime Amazons
  • Anime and Manga Studies: What Why and How
  • Anime Game Show Super Show
  • Anime in 15 Minutes or Less: Who Likes Short Shorts?
  • Anime Parliament (R)
  • Anime's Craziest Deaths
  • Asian Cinema Crash Course Extreme
  • Ask A Nation Panel 2013: Questions for the Ages
  • Ask A Villain
  • Awesome Women in Anime
  • Awesomely BAD Japanese Music Videos
  • Bad Anime Bad!!
  • Beyond Pokemon
  • Beyondest The Tentacle
  • Bondage in Anime/Hentai: What's with the rope?
  • Breaking Into the Music Industry
  • Bushido! A look at how the warrior shaped Japan.
  • Cosplay 101
  • Cosplay Burlesque
  • Cosplayer Nation: A Documentary on American Cosplayers
  • Creating Your Comic/Manga Part 1: Concepting Writing and Marketing Your Story
  • Creating Your Comic/Manga Part 2: Drawing Your Story
  • Creating Your Comic/Manga Part 3: Digital Color and Lettering
  • Deadman Wonderland: A Postmodern Distopia
  • Digimon: Digital Fan Panel
  • Do Re Anime
  • Elastic Heartstrings: Let's Talk Ball-Jointed Dolls
  • Evangelion: The Best Worst Anime Ever - WITHDRAWN
  • Fifty Years of Tomino
  • Game Show Impossibru: Where Have I Heard That Voice Before?
  • Girls und Panel
  • GO GO GIJINKA!: Your Guide to Gijinka Cosplay
  • How Being Asian Got Me Intro Trouble
  • How to Build an Arcade Stick 201: Dual Mods Hitboxes and More
  • I Love the 80s: Anime Edition
  • "I love the Power Glove it's so bad": An ode to terrible video game controllers and accessories.
  • I Want to Know More!: 30 Years of Books About Anime Manga and Otaku
  • Intro to K-Pop! Repackaged
  • Intro to Learning Japanese for Otaku
  • Japan The Land of Sport Action, Aw Yeah!
  • Japan 101: Lessons Learned
  • Japanese & Korean Dramas: An introduction for anime fans
  • Japanese Pro Wrestling
  • Japanese PVC Figures and Collecting
  • Japanese Rock Revolution
  • J-Movies A-Go-Go
  • Kamen Rider: Celebrating Over 40 Years of Justice!!
  • Kanpai! A Guide to Japanese Alcohol
  • Kill 'em All and Let Sunrise Sort 'em Out: A Yoshiyuki Tomino Panel
  • Ladies' Choice: A Guide to Hentai
  • Legend of Korra – Opinion Bending
  • Let's Talk Swords: Problematic Props and Annoying Armor
  • Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland's' Effect on Anime & Manga
  • Live Action Anime: An Examination
  • Lolita 101 - Introduction to Lolita Fashion
  • Lolita 102 - Shopping
  • Macross/Robotech: Mythology & Physics
  • Make-up for Cosplay!
  • MechApocalypse
  • Name That Tune
  • Nintendo: Entertaining Since 1889
  • Nyan Nyan NYAN! Cats in Japanese Culture and Anime
  • OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community of Awesomeness
  • OMG!..WTF Did I Just Watch?
  • Otaku Hotspots In Tokyo
  • Outsider Anime
  • Panel to the West
  • Pokemon as Mythic Narrative
  • Respect and Body Positivity in Cosplay - WITHDRAWN
  • Role Playing Games (Video Games): from The West to The East and Back Again!
  • Science in Anime
  • So You Want to Build a Gundam: A Beginner's Guide to Gundam Plastic Model Kits and Advanced Techniques
  • Spoiler: The Panel 6 - Why The Heck Are We Still Doing This Edition
  • STEAL ALL THE THINGS! 45+ Years of Lupin III
  • Sugoi: The Awesome Power of J-Rock and J-Pop!
  • Super Art Fight
  • Sushi Making 101: Simple Rolls for Beginners - WITHDRAWN
  • Talk Dirty in Japanese
  • Team Answers For Dayz Presents Everything Yugioh!
  • The Abridged Series Panel
  • The Beautiful Backgrounds of Anime
  • The Difference Between Super Sentai and Power Rangers
  • The Family That Geeks Together
  • The Ghibli Girls Tribute
  • The Legend of Zelda or: How I Learned to Love Majora's Mask and Reject Skyward Sword as the Demise of the Series.
  • The One Piece Podcast Panel
  • The Pirates' Legacy
  • The Three Rs of Fanfiction: How to get your work Read Reviewed and Recced.
  • The Sengoku Era, Anime, & You
  • The Weirdest Games You've Never Played Pt. 3 - QWIP QWOP 'n' You Don't Stop
  • The Worst Anime of All Time
  • The Yaoi-ing Game
  • Those 5 Anime You Pretend You Know (But Really Know Nothing About)
  • Toonami: A Look Back
  • Transformers: The Panel: The Return!
  • Uncle Yo: Living the American Meme
  • Underbelly presents Pokéholics Anonymous
  • We Con Therefore We Are: Fandom Convergence and a Critical Look at the Modern Otaku
  • We want to DUR-- Your RARARA!!
  • West to East: Anime Adaptations of Western Literature
  • What's Queer About Yaoi?
  • World War Two in Anime
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