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July 24 - July 26, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Events: Workshops

Workshops incorporate audience participation through active means, eliciting discussion while at the same time providing a more "hands-on" approach. For example, a workshop meant to teach painting may guide the audience through the process by having instructors provide directions and feedback to members of the audience as they paint. Another workshop about the game Go may cover the history of the game and teach audience members how to play as they go through examples and ultimately play amongst themselves.

Before submitting as a workshop, ask yourself: will my audience actively participate during my presentation?

If you are still unsure whether your submission qualifies as a workshop or a panel, submit the form as a workshop, and, if the reviewing staff determines it would be better suited as a panel, we'll pass it along to the appropriate parties.

Workshops Submissions

  • Workshops applications will be accepted until Tuesday, April 30th, 2014 at 11:59:59PM EDT!. (That's Eastern Daylight Time folks...)
  • All Workshop submissions must be made via the Otakon Programming Application.
  • Workshops submissions received through other means will not be considered.
  • Please make sure to fill out the application completely. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Please note that you may not receive immediate feedback on your workshop. It may be a number of weeks before you receive information on whether or not your workshop is accepted.

Encore Presenters:

If you are a prior Otakon presenter (one who has successfully presented a workshop at a previous Otakon) and you plan on submitting your workshop idea, PLEASE DO NOT PRE-REGISTER! Returning Presenters will be receiving compensated memberships to Otakon 2014 if their workshop submission is accepted. If you have already pre-registered for Otakon 2014, you will receive a post-convention refund of your Otakon 2014 membership fee. Instructions for receiving your post-Otakon refund will be provided after Otakon 2014.

New Presenters:

If you are a prospective Otakon presenter (one who has never successfully presented a workshop at Otakon) please Pre-Register for Otakon 2014. If your idea is selected, then upon successful completion of your panel, you will become eligible for a post-convention refund of your Otakon 2014 membership fee. Instructions for receiving your post-Otakon refund will be provided after Otakon 2014.

Materials For Your Workshop:

Most workshops require more than just the standard room equipment that we provide for all presenters. This is not only acceptable, but encouraged. It is important; however, that the Otakon staff knows what you plan to bring so that we can prepare accordingly.

Furthermore, Otakorp can provide certain materials necessary for the successful completion of your workshop. We would be more than happy to provide items such as markers, paints, clay, and other, more specialized items like awls.

Be sure to include this information on your application form under the relevant section. Whether you are going to brings things yourself, or whether you hope we can provide them - we have to know!

18+ Workshops:

  • 18+ content is anything that contains graphic, sexual, overly violent or obscene material which would be unsuitable for minors.
  • If you are unsure of whether the content of your workshop is 18+, it probably is.
    Please err on the side of caution.
  • Otakon is a family event. Therefore, workshops containing 18+ content will be scheduled late in the evening, generally between the hours of 10PM and 2AM.
  • If a workshop submitted as 'not 18+' is found to contain 18+ material, Otakon staff reserve the right to shut down the workshop in progress. A workshop shut down while in progress will not be considered successfully run and may lead to denial of membership reimbursements and future workshop submissions.

Workshop Presenter Compensation:

New W9 Requirements for 2014!:
All selected panelists for Otakon 2014 will be required to complete and turn in an IRS form W9 form in order to receive pre-con compensation or reimbursement for their membership to Otakon 2014!

The reason for the W9 is that for tax purposes the IRS requires all non-profits to record money that is sent to all individuals and corporations. This includes membership reimbursements for first time panelists.

By requesting that former presenters complete a W9, we are essentially covering our bases. If you do not wish to receive a membership reimbursement or comped membership you do not have to fill out and submit the form. We apologize for the inconvenience levied upon all of us by our dear old Uncle Sam.

Presenters of successful workshops will generally qualify for a post-convention membership reimbursement. There is a limit of 3 compensated or reimbursed presenters per workshop. This would comprise of the primary presenter and two assistants. NOTE: anyone receiving membership compensation must actively assist in the running of your workshop. If it is found that a compensated member did not participate, you may be denied membership reimbursements and your future workshop submissions will be denied. You are welcome to have more presenters in your workshop, however, only 3 will receive compensated or reimbursed memberships to Otakon 2014.

For questions not related to submitting a workshop for Otakon 2014, you may contact the Workshopss Department via the Otakon Contact Form.

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