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August 11 - August 13, 2017
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington DC, USA
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Guests: 2014 Sunday Concert Information


A concert with Yoshiki is a special event. We expect fierce demand for the Sunday's concert. There are approximately 2100 seats in Hall D, and this event will not have a simulcast. We are unable to find a way for everyone to see the show, and as such we'll intend to implement a special concert pass system.

Our goals are to minimize and manage the lines and ensure everyone is safe, but also to maximize the number of our members who get to see the live show. We have concluded that the fairest way is for all interested parties to enter a drawing for passes before the event.

- Entering the drawing -

  1. Any registered member interested in seeing the show may enter a drawing for the concert pass. You MUST be registered online for the convention. The entry page will be on the Members section of the Otakon website. [Note: Registering early will not give you any better chance of getting your name drawn. Every member ID will only have the ability to enter the drawing once. Duplicate entries will be discarded.]
  2. The opportunity to enter this drawing has passed. We will announce Thursday when individuals can find out if they were drawn.
  3. There is still one opportunity to pick up a pass on Sunday. Details will be announced at Otakon.
  4. Winners will be allowed to pick up to TWO passes.
  5. Your entry also automatically gives you a chance to win a special prize from Yoshiki -- two tickets to X JAPAN's Madison Square Garden show on October 11, 2014, including airfare and 2 nights hotel stay! The winner will be announced at Sunday's concert and must be present at the concert to win. *

    * This prize is provided by the guest and their decision is final.

  6. Be sure to follow Yoshiki on Facebook ( and Twitter ( for updates and information!

- Checking if you've won -

You can now check the following page using your member ID to see if you have been selected for passes to the show. Your member ID can be found in your registration confirmation email. If you arrive without knowing whether you're eligible, you'll also be able to scan your member badge at our kiosks (at the Information Booth next to Registration) to see if you've won.

- Pass Pickup -

If you have determined that you are eligible, please note the following procedure.

  1. You MUST have an ID and your member badge, and you MUST pick up your passes yourself.
  2. We will offer pass pickup at the convention from 2pm - 5pm on Friday and Saturday.
  3. Passes can be picked up in Registration in the BCC at the booths closest to the skywalk (near Starbucks).
  4. Passes not collected by end of the Saturday session will be considered declined.
  5. Keep these passes safe. Once you are on our system as having picked up your pass, they will not be replaced under any circumstances.
  6. Please do not attempt to sell passes.

- Sunday Passes -

On Sunday Morning, we will post the number of remaining or unclaimed passes available. Any member will be able to line up for them starting when the doors open. We expect a rather small number of passes (100 or so) to be available, and we will inform people on line whether they have any chance. Sunday passes will require ID and Member Badge, and will be one pass per person. Sunday morning pickup will run from 9AM - 10:30AM.

Please be considerate, and do not attempt to claim a pass if you were already fortunate enough to draw one!

- Concert Lineup -

  1. Lineup for the concert will start at 11am in Sharp Street and the line will be managed. Your position in the queue does NOT guarantee a great seat, so there is no need to camp out before then.
  2. If you have a concert pass and a member ID, you are guaranteed a seat at the show. If you do not have BOTH pass and member ID, you will not get in. No exceptions. Yes, this does include if you "stepped out" to use the restroom. If you leave the concert hall for any reason, keep your ID and pass with you!

- But what about autographs? -

Yoshiki will NOT be doing autographs sessions this year (he has a grueling tour schedule and needs to keep his wrist in good shape), but he is kind enough to do a limited number of group photos.

The session for the photo op with Yoshiki will be extremely limited, and participants will be determined in the same way, via drawing on the Otakon Website.

Members lucky enough to be drawn for THIS opportunity will be notified directly by email, and those unsure can check via the same website and kiosk systems we're using for the concert.

This session will most likely take place on Saturday. Winners will be notified of the details.

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