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August 12 - August 14, 2016
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Otakon 2016 Guests
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Yui Makino ALL OFF

Zach Aguilar Zach Aguilar
Voice Actor

Zach Aguilar first started acting at the age of 5. He later realized he had the ability to play many more roles without being limited by his appearance. That's when he discovered voice over and hasn't looked back since. In 2014, Zach won the Magi 2 Voice Acting Open Auditions at Anime Expo hosted by Bang Zoom! Entertainment and Aniplex. At 16 years old, he was one of the youngest people to ever win and was cast in Magi: The Kingdom of Magic.

Zach has played characters such as Genos in One Punch Man, Slaine Troyard in Aldnoah.Zero, Talken in Sword Art Online 2, Arthur Pendragon in The Seven Deadly Sins, Takaki in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, and more. He can also be heard doing numerous commercials for Pandora internet radio! While being a relatively new member to the world of voice over, Zach feels so blessed with the opportunities he's been given and is excited to continue doing what he loves.

To keep up to date with what Zach is working on, check out his website and follow him on Twitter: @airzach.

Kazuki Akane Kazuki Akane

Kazuki Akane is an animation director whose body of work has spanned over twenty years. These works include The Vision of Escaflowne(1996), Heatguy-J (2002), Noein: To Your Other Self (2005), Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (2008), and Code Geass Akito the Exiled (2012 - 2016).

Kazuki Akane's appearance at Otakon is in partnership with Sunrise, Inc.

Ray Chase Ray Chase
Voice Actor

Ray Chase is far too excited to make his first convention appearance. He has been making the rounds working on his favorite projects, such as Xenoblade Chronicles X, Charlotte, and One Punch Man.

You can also hear his voice talents in the anime shows Hunter x Hunter, The Seven Deadly Sins, Durarara!! X2, and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic; and in the video games Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea, D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, and Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

He cannot wait to find out what catch-phrases these characters have, if any - please let him know!

Ray Chase appears courtesy of Aniplex of America, Inc.

Robbie Daymond Robbie Daymond
Voice Actor, Actor

Robbie Daymond is a Native-American Voice Artist, Actor, and Performer based in Los Angeles. He works in traditional animation, Anime, commercials, film, television, audiobooks and videogames.

After booking his first major Anime role in 2014 as Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, he has had the opportunity to act in several other Anime series including: Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (now airing on Toonami), The Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto Shippuden, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Sword Art Online 2, Durararax2, Lupin the 3rd, Aldnoah Zero, Your Lie in April, Glitter Force, Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, & continues to reprise his role of Mamoru in Sailor Moon Crystal. You can now also hear him as Mumen Rider in One Punch Man.

Robbie currently stars as the series lead in two shows on Nickelodeon: Breadwinners and Get Blake. He has guest-starred on such shows as: Star Wars Rebels, Avengers Assemble, Transformers: Rescue Bots, Ever After High, Little People and The Tom & Jerry Show. He has also voiced characters in several feature films, including Toneri Otsutsuki in Naruto the Last, Porta in Patema Inverted, Lino in Gundam the Origin III and the Fairy Cronies in Strange Magic, among others. Robbie can also be heard in videogames such as TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan as Michelangelo, Tales of Zestiria as Sorey, Final Fantasy Type-0, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Division, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lego Marvel's Avengers, The Lego Movie Videogame, Technomancer, Masquerada, Aion, Stella Glow, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Grand Chase, Skyforge, Forbidden Magna, Lineage 2, Etrian Odyssey Untold II, Blade & Soul, Fairy Fencer F, and more.

Facebook: Robbie Daymond Official

Aaron Dismuke Aaron Dismuke
Voice Actor, Writer, Director

Aaron Dismuke is an American voice actor, writer and director with Funimation Entertainment. He got his start voice acting at age 9, as Hiro Sohma in Fruits Basket, moving on to the role of Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist by age 12.

Since then, his leading roles have included Leonardo Watch in Blood Blockade Battlefront, Yo Takami in Deadman Wonderland, Twelve in Terror in Residence, Arslan in The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Ouri in Corpse Princess, Shun in Endride and Lucifer in Devil is a Part Timer. He's worked as assistant ADR director for Ninja Slayer, Shomin Sample, and Fairy Tail, and was also part of the ADR writing teams for Fairy Tail, Ninja Slayer, Endride, and Tokyo Ghoul.

Recently he was announced as Van in Funimation's Kickstarter campaign of The Vision of Escaflowne.

Shiro Dogu Shiro Dogu
Craftsman, CEO Dogu, Inc.

Shiro Dogu was born in 1974 and raised in Takaoka City, Toyama, Japan. As a child, the youngest of three siblings, Dogu dreamed of becoming a programmer and majored in Information Technology in college. After graduating from college, Dogu got a job at a company in Kanagawa, Japan as a programmer. Following a family emergency in 1999, he decided to join his family's business of metal casting. In 2007, Dogu took on the role of CEO at Dogu Inc.

Other than being an otaku, Dogu is a normal craftsman who wants to better his country's craftsmanship and make a name for it. As a kid, he grew up reading shojo manga and anime magazines. As an adult, he loves otaku culture deeply, including anime, tokusatsu, plastic models, manga, and games.

Kasumi Fukagawa Kasumi Fukagawa
Director, Character Designer, Illustrator

As a little girl Kasumi dreamed of working in the Japanese Animation industry. She made her dream come true in 2009, working for an animation company. Her works include Devil Survivor 2, Is the order a rabbit?, White Fox, Persona the Golden, A-1 Pictures and more. After being the animation director, she became character designer for many special anime/smartphone contents.

The main visual for Idolish Seven for Android and iPhone app was drawn by Kasumi.

Currently she is a freelance illustrator.

Caitlin Glass Caitlin Glass
Voice Actress, ADR Director

A voice actress and ADR director, best known for the role of Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist, Caitlin has been working in the anime industry since 2004. In 2008, Caitlin directed the widely popular fan-favorite, Ouran High School Host Club, as well as playing Haruhi Fujioka. Caitlin also lends her voice to Rose in Tales of Zestiria, Elma in Xenoblade Chronicles X, Cammy White & Decapre in the Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V series of video games.

Other well-known roles include Petra in Attack on Titan, Diancie in Pokémon's Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, Hannah in Black Butler II, Miria in Baccano, Satellizer in Freezing, Vivi in One Piece, Evergreen in Fairy Tail, Yakumo in School Rumble, and Kim in Soul Eater.

2015 was a big year for Caitlin, adding Kirigiri in Danganronpa: The Animation, Miho Amakata in Free! Eternal Summer, Lilith in Absolute Duo, Michael in Maria the Virgin Witch, Kimi in Tokyo Ghoul, Mitsuko in Yurikuma Arashi, Hanayo in Selector Infected WIXOSS, Erica in Gangsta, Himeko in The Rolling Girls, Natsume in Tokyo Ravens, Rumina in Mikagura School Suite, Makina in Ultimate Otaku Teacher, Young Ragna in BlazBlue Alter Memory, Minami in D-Frag, Ami in Noragami Aragoto, and Retoree in Show By Rock to her already prolific list of anime roles.

This year is shaping up to be exciting as well, with the releases of Lord Marksman and Vanadis (Eleonora & ADR Director), Love Live! School Idol Project (Maki Nishikino & ADR adaptive script writer), and the highly anticipated video game Battleborn, in which Caitlin portrays the dark elf ranger, Thorn. Caitlin was also announced as Hitomi from Funimation's Kickstarter campaign for The Vision of Escaflowne.

Caitlin's directing credits include Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Chaos;HEAd, Gunslinger Girl- Il Teatrino, Linebarrels of Iron, Murder Princess, Suzuka, One Piece, Absolute Duo, Maria the Virgin Witch, Riddle Story of Devil, Noragami Aragoto, and Show by Rock, all as an ADR Director for FUNimation Entertainment. She has also lent her adaptive writing skills to Bang Zoom! Entertainment for such titles as Durarara x2, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, and A Lull in the Sea.

For a complete list of her work, check out You can follow Caitlin on Facebook at Caitlin Glass Voice Actor, @caitlinsvoice on Twitter, and glasscaitlin on Instagram!

Kazuki Higashiji Kazuki Higashiji
Art Director

Kazuki Higashiji has created many worlds as an art director for projects with P.A.WORKS and others. Higashiji, together with the other creative members of P.A.WORKS, has created series such as Charlotte, Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea, Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms of Tomorrow, Tari Tari, and Angel Beats!.

The worlds that Higashiji illustrates are not just realistic but full of emotions, likable characters and stories. His artwork is the pillar that structures the fascinating worlds in many P.A.WORKS animation series. There will be a section dedicated to Higashiji's art at P.A.WORKS 15th Anniversary Exhibit at Otakon 2016. Higashiji will be performing live drawings and panels as well.

Kenji Horikawa Kenji Horikawa
P.A. Works founder and CEO

Kenji Horikawa is the founder, CEO, and producer of animation studio P.A.WORKS. Horikawa founded the studio in 2000 in Toyama, Japan, far away from Tokyo, just with himself and another member. At P.A.WORKS, Horikawa hands-on produced shows such as Haruchika, Charlotte, Shirobako, The Eccentric Family, Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow, Another, Angel Beats!, and the newest project, Kuromukuro, soon to stream on Netflix.

Jiro Ishii Jiro Ishii
Game Designer, Storywriter, Scriptwriter

After working in the advertisement/video industry, Mr. Jiro Ishii joined Chunsoft, a videogame developer. He later moved to Level-5 and became independent in 2014. He established his own company Storytelling in 2015.

His prominent works include:
Videogames: Time Travelers, 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de, and Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Anime: Under the Dog, Monster Strike, Bubuki/Buranki, and Canaan

His hobbies include (of course) games such as Jinro (Werewolf) – where he is one of the best players in Japan - and analog games.

A message from Jiro Ishii:
Under the Dog was revealed during Otakon 2014 as an "indies original anime project on Kickstarter". After two years, the production has finally come to completion. We'll be bringing the Under the Dog episode fresh out from the oven to celebrate the project's achievement and share the premiere together with everyone at Otakon in Baltimore, where it was first announced!

Yoshitaka Kawaguchi Yoshitaka Kawaguchi

Being in the industry for almost 30 years now, Yoshitaka Kawaguchi joined Sunrise in 1988 and started work as an animation producer as production coordinator on City Hunter 2. In 1993 he took on the role of setting coordinator on Mobile Suit V Gundam. Less than 10 years later, his debut as a producer was the 2002 theatrical release of Turn A Gundam.

Since then he has produced a series of hits including Overman King Gainer, Planetes, Wings of Rean, Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion and Code Geass Akito the Exiled. He continues to focus on producing original works to this day.

Yoshitaka Kawaguchi's appearance at Otakon is in partnership with Sunrise, Inc.

Nobuhiro Kikuchi Nobuhiro Kikuchi
Executive Producer

Nobuhiro Kikuchi is the executive producer at animation studio P.A.WORKS. As producer, Kikuchi has worked on anime series such as True Tears, Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow, and The Eccentric Family. Kikuchi's involvement in animation projects brings a high level of collaboration between the animation studio and the local area in which the anime takes place. With this unity, the creators are able to enchant the audience with a unique sense of reality and fascination.

Kikuchi was born in Toyama prefecture in 1964. He went to the same college as Kenji Horikawa, founder and CEO/producer of P.A.WORKS, but Kikuchi chose a different profession, other than animation. After establishing P.A.WORKS, Horikawa invited Kikuchi to join him. Kikuchi brought a new perspective to the animation, which led to unique developments at P.A.WORKS.

In Hanasaku Iroha, the Bonbori Festival is a festival that existed only in anime, but with the combined efforts of Kikuchu, the show's other creators, the local community, and the fans, it materialized into a real traditional style festival that is held every year, with over 10,000 people attending it. Kikuchi also produced Koitabi: True Tours Nanto, a unique smartphone app that brings together tourism and animation entertainment to create a unique experience for touring the city of Nanto, Toyama.

Erik Scott Kimerer Erik Scott Kimerer
Voice Actor

Erik Scott Kimerer has always heard voices in his head and decided to do the only sensible thing; let them out. He was born and raised in Seattle, where he was trained in the Japanese method of anime voice acting by a veteran seiyuu. After graduating in Theatre Arts he moved to L.A. to pursue his love of telling stories through video games, animation, and even in the wrestling ring.

Recent anime works you may have heard Erik in include One Punch Man as Speed-O'-Sound Sonic, Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans as Biscuit Griffon, The Asterisk War as Ayato Amagiri, Your Lie in April as Takeshi Aiza, Toradora as Ryuuji Takasu, Magi as Alibaba Saluja, Accel World as Haruyuki Arita, Sword Art Online as Ducker, and "Seven Deadly Sins" as Gowther. In the world of video games, Erik has lent his voice to Cress and various other characters in Tales of Xilia 2, Oliver in 2064: Read Only Memories, Mark Evans in Inazuma Eleven, Oskar in Atelier Sophie, Joven Glacius in Heroes of Newerth, and a Black Egret in Skullgirls. Outside of anime and games, he has even delved into audiobook narration, recently portraying Koyomi Araragi in the Kizumonogatari light novel.

Erik is happy to travel and share his stories and experiences with his fellow anime/game fans, as well as make new ones along the way.

Kuniko Kanawa Kuniko Kanawa
Priestess, Consultant, Model

Kuniko Kanawa is a certified Kimono consultant, Kimono model, founder of Washington D.C. Kimono Club, Edo Tsumami Kanzashi artisan, and also a certified Shinto priestess.

In 2007, Kuniko officially became a certified Kimono consultant of All Japan Kimono Consultant Association after graduating from Sodo Reiho Kimono College. This certificate is approved by the Ministry of Education/Science and Economy/Industry. Since then, she has been offering the Kimono dressing services, instructing Kimono classes/workshops, and producing Kimono fashion shows/dressing demonstration and so on. She also works as a Kimono model, treasuring six years of classical Japanese dance training under Hanayagi style by the great instruction of Hanayagi Wakana sensei.

In the same year, she became a professional Edo Tsumami Kanzashi artisan through intensive training by a designated master Kazuyo Hozumi, the one of only few designated Edo Tsumami Kanzashi artisans in Japan. As a successor to preserve this disappearing traditional handicraft, she creates both traditional and modern designed Tsumami Kanzashi, including custom orders. Her beautiful creations can be purchased online at She occasionally participates Arts&craft shows. She currently offers on going workshops at Japan-America Society of Washington D.C.

In early 2013, she founded Washington D.C. Kimono Club. The Club welcomes her Kimonos class students who loves and sincerely respect Kimono, Japanese seasonal culture, and Japanese custom/manners. Members can participate in Japanese seasonal cultural events in Kimono, attend Washington D.C. Kimono Club's special workshops, and model at her Kimono fashion shows/dressing demonstrations. For more information about the club, please visit!wdc-kimono-club.

In October 2015, Kuniko humbly became a certified Shinto priestess through Ama-no-Iwakura-Jingu, the independent Shinto shrine in Horoshima prefecture. As she has been deeply pursuing the traditional Japanese culture due to her profession, she was naturally guided to this path to rediscover Shinto, the indigenous religious beliefs and practices, as a core and the base of Japanese culture/spirituality. Now she offers Shinto ceremonies/rituals, such as Shinto wedding, Shichi-go-san, Seijin-shiki(Coming of age ceremony) , Shinnen-sai/Hatsu-moude (New Year prayer), Jomaku-shiki(Unveiling stature ceremony), Anime convention opening ceremony, Shokuju-sai(Planting trees) and so on.

Lauren Landa Lauren Landa
Voice Actress

Over the last 10 years, within the world behind the mic, she is most known for roles such as the ninja beauty, Kasumi in Dead or Alive 5M, the sexy Litchi Faye Ling in the popular fighting games BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (as well as the sequels BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Continuum Shift Extend, and Chrono Phantasma), the badass Kyoko Sakura in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the enthusiastic Yan Leixia in Soul Calibur V, the deadly Little Queen in Tales of Graces, the valley girl racer in pink, Boiboi, in REDLINE, the adorable zombie Squigly in Skullgirls, kind hearted Leia in Tales of Xillia, the innocent Chubo Sonken in Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians, the quiet Annie Leonhardt in the hit anime series Attack on Titan, One in DrakenGard 3, Nora in Noragami, Nio in Riddle Story of Devil and most recently, Sailor Neptune in the VIZ Media dub of Sailor Moon and Nao Tomori in Aniplex's newest title - Charlotte!

Michael Liscio Jr. Michael Liscio Jr.
Voice Actor, Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Writer

Michael is thrilled to be at this years Otakon! He wears many hats as a voice over artist, actor of stage and screen, singer/songwriter, and writer. He is most well known for his current roles on Pokemon (Clemont and Inkay) and YuGiOh: Arc V (Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri) and can also be seen 8 times a week in Avenue Q! For more information on Michael's current projects check out his website at!

Yui Makino Yui Makino
Voice Actress, Singer, Pianist

Yui started out her career as a child actor at age 3. At age 4, she started playing piano, and her talent was discovered by film director Shunji Iwai at age 8, where she played incidental music for his film Love Letter. Throughout the years, she has played for two more of his films, All About Lily Chou-Chou and Hana and Alice.

Yui debuted as a voice actress in April 2005 as Sakura, the main character of TSUBASA CHRoNiCLE, while at the same time she pre-debuted as a singer with "Omna Magni", the ending theme song for Genesis of Aquarion. In August, she debuted as a singer with "Amrita", which was the theme song for TSUBASA CHRoNiCLE the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom. Since then, she has continued on to sing theme songs for animes such as "Undine" for ARIA The ANIMATION, "Euforia" for ARIA The NATURAL, "Sketchbook wo Motta Mama" for Sketchbook ~full color's~, "Synchronicity" for TSUBASA CHRoNiCLE: TOKYO REVELATIONS OVAs, "Spirale" for ARIA The ORIGINATION, and Sasayaki wa "Crescendo" for Francesca, to name a few.

Yui became active in events overseas starting from 2007, where she performed in Beijing as a Japanese ambassador for a Japanese-Chinese cultural exchange business event. In 2009, Yui performed in France at Japan Expo, the world's largest Japan pop culture festival, as the first Japanese Seiyu, and continued on to perform in New York, Shanghai, Singapore and Seoul.

Yui has released "88 Flight" digitally, and "Kimi no Erabu Michi" in 2015, her 10-year anniversary from her debut. She held her anniversary concert at AKASAKA BLITZ, which can be seen in her DVD Yui Makino 10th Anniversary Live~So Happy!!~. She was also engaged worldwide, and attended events in Vietnam, Canada, Bangkok, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong. In July, she performed her solo concert in Hong Kong to a sold out crowd. She released her fourth studio album "Tabi*Note" in October, and continues to perform worldwide, attracting many with her broad and diverse talents.

Man At Arms
Man At Arms: Reforged

You know them best as the master craftsmen behind the hit Youtube series MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED. The masters at Baltimore Knife and Sword are returning this year and this time they're bringing a surprise for everyone!

Matt Stagmer Matt Stagmer
Host, Bladesmith

Matt has been making swords for 17 years. He is the lead blade grinder at Baltimore Knife and Sword. In the summer of 2014 he began hosting the hit web series MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED. Teamed with other talented craftsmen, he brings to life the most requested fantasy arms and armor from your favorite video games, anime, and other pop culture genres.

Ilya Alekseyev Ilya Alekseyev

Ilya Alekseyev was born in Troitsk, Russia. Since an early age he developed a liking to the art and craftsmanship of bladed weapons. He likes to bring his background in Art History, Asian Studies, and Philosophy into his craft. Ilya is currently an Armorer working with Baltimore Knife and Sword as well as one of the product designers. Among the skills that he brings to the Man at Arms project are his expertise in armor, Damascus steel, bloomery steel, and engraving.

Masao Maruyama Masao Maruyama
MAPPA President and Chief Creative Officer

Maruyama was involved in the establishment of MADHOUSE in 1972. Since then, he has nurtured talents such as Tetsuro Araki, Atsuko Ishizuka and the late Satoshi Kon. Among the anime works he has produced are Unico, Ninja Scroll, Card Captor Sakura, Monster, Death Note, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Paprika, Redline, and Supernatural: The Animation. In 2011, Maryumama left MADHOUSE and formed MAPPA, whose first major project was 2012's Kids on the Slope television anime series.

His recent works involve Punch Line, Rage of Bahamut, and Japan's record-breaking crowdfunding film In This Corner of the World.


20 year old MICHI is the first Anisong singer to debut from Okinawa. Produced by Elements Garden, one of the leading groups of Anisong creators, MICHI began her promising career with her debut single, Cry for the Truth/Secret Sky, which served as the opening and ending theme songs to TV Anime Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-. Coming from Koza, Okinawa's city of music, she developed that straightforward and carefree singing voice. She has this rare expressiveness and innocence fans love, paving the way for a new generation of Anisong singers.

In just the two months after her debut, she's found huge success with her performances overseas in Indonesia and Singapore. Despite her inexperience, she has proven her ability to overcome any language barrier in performances as a natural entertainer, sharing her love for anime worldwide.

Her second single, Checkmate!?, the opening theme song for TV anime Dagashi Kashi, was released in January 2016. Her upcoming third single, Realistic! that will serve as the ending theme song for upcoming TV anime series Kuromukuro is to be released on May 18th.

Her personal motto is "Anime is a universal language".

Max Mittelman Max Mittelman
Voice Actor

For most of his young life, Max had wanted to become a doctor. His parents were so proud of him. Once he realized, however, that he would need to study grown-up things like organic chemistry... he decided that he would rather be a voice actor. Max never looked back and has since had the opportunity to play lead characters in popular Anime series such as Inaho in Aldnoah.Zero and Kousei Arima in Your Lie in April. Max was most recently announced as the English voice of Saitama, the lead character in One-Punch Man.

His parents are still proud of him!

Other notable roles include:
Fire Emblem Fates (Leo, Kaden, Forrest), Star Ocean 5 (Fidel), Seven Deadly Sins (King), Miraculous Ladybug (Plagg) , Transformers: Rescue Bots (Blurr), Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Ein), Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt (Io), Fallout 4 (Zeke), Star Wars: Battlefront (Quarren), Halo 5 (Promethean Captain, Rooker), Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void (Stone), Diablo III (Rayeld, Crazed Hermit), Skylanders: Superchargers (Panderghast), Durararax2 (Shijima), Sword Art Online II (Jun), Blood Lad as (Yoshida the Mimic), Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (Yunan), Toradora (Noto), Doraemon (Soby), Coppelion (Haruto), Atelier: Escha & Logy (Logy)

Follow Max on Twitter @MaxMittelman

Koji Morimoto Koji Morimoto

After working at Mitsubishi Electric and Bandai Visual, Mr. Koji Morimoto established his own company Aurora in 2013.

Anime titles he has produced in the past include: Under the Dog, .hack//SIGN, Please Teacher!, Canaan, and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

A message from Koji Morimoto:
Director Ando and all the staff/cast have put amazing effort in making the original animation video, Under the Dog. And it is finally here! The animation turned out to be truly incredible, so I'm looking forward to watching the episode together with everyone on a big screen with the full-blast audio.

Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny
Voice Actress, Editor

Sarah Natochenny has been the voice of Pokémon's Ash Ketchum for over a decade. She has also done commercials/promos for Nickelodeon, McDonalds, Wendy's, Fisher Price, and Scope, which was awarded a Lion at the Cannes Film Festival. Her other animated series include Super 4 (Twinkle), Robin Hood (Marian), Peter Pan (Tinkerbell), Yoko (Vik) and World of Winx. Feature films include Axel: The Biggest Litte Hero (Boca) and Sheep & Wolves (Xavi). As for video games, her work can be heard in Batman: The Dark Knight, Thor, Gangstar: Vegas, My Littlest Pet Shop, Dungeon Hunter 4, Bullet Witch, Dragon Hunter, GTA V, and more. Sarah has also been working as a film editor for the last six years. She studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and Magnet Theaters. She would like to thank her family, friends and fans for all the support, and is very excited to be a guest at Otakon!

Muneki Ogasawara Muneki Ogasawara
Animation Producer, Kinema Citrus President

After working as a production desk and animation producer at Production IG, Bones, and Khara, Mr. Muneki Ogasawara established his own company Kinema Citrus in 2008.

Anime titles he has produced in the past include: Under the Dog, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Black Bullet, Barakamon, Norn9, and Kumamiko.

A message from Muneki Ogasawara:
I hope to bring and show to everyone at Otakon, Director Ando's dedication and all staff's passion in making the animation of Under the Dog. I truly look forward to the opportunity of meeting those who supported us and would like to express my gratitude and appreciation in person.

Lisa Ortiz Lisa Ortiz
Voice Actor, Director, Producer

Lisa Ortiz is a New York based veteran voice actor, director and producer. Her career as a voice over artist began under the shroud of an attempted auto larceny gone awry. Luckily for her, and for her sibling the perpetrator in question, the car battery died. (No seriously, my brother tried to steal my car. That's how I got into anime. Just ask me. I'll tell you.).

As a voice actor, she is most well known for her role as Lina Inverse, and Amy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog, but she began her career as the high elf Deedlit in Record of Lodoss War. Since then she has gone on to record dozens of anime, series, audiobooks, video games, and films both as a voice and as a Producer, Director and Adapter.

She is currently the director of Pokemon XY and has worked on the show in various capacities over the years since Indigo League. From Misty's older sister Daisy, to Sabrina, to Flannery, to Oshawatt, to Fletchling and present day gym leader Korrina.

She can currently be heard as Noembelu in Street Fighter V. Favorite roles include, Serenity Wheeler : Yu-gi-oh, Tony Tony Chopper: OnePiece, Shiori: Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rina: Time of Eve, The Devil: Gangstar 4, and Musa/Icy: Winx club. Directing credits include Psychic School Wars, Norm of the North and mobile games: The Dark Night Rises, Dungeon Hunter 5, Netflix's Heroes United, and many project still not able to be disclosed. She is President of Noise of O Productions, and currently resides in NYC, with her fabulous feline Fitz, and does not own a car.

Haven Paschall Haven Paschall
Voice Actress, Actress

Haven Paschall is an actress and voice actress, best known for her roles as Serena, Jessie's Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist, Miette's Slurpuff, Sawyer's Slurpuff, Swirlix, Concordia, Ellie and Florence in Pokémon. Haven is also the voice of Bloom and Kiko in Winx Club season 7 and World of Winx.

Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Voice Actress, Actress

Aly is best known for her roles as Bonnie and Nurse Joy on Pokémon, Rio Kastle on Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Princess Leonora and Baba Cara on Super 4, Kahori Harukawa in the Psychic School Wars anime feature, and Ally and Riley on Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V!. She has provided voices for numerous cartoons, video games, toys and commercials. She can also be seen performing theatre in New York City (most recently in the critically-acclaimed Seussical), and on-screen in her new web series Crumbly Kitchen (

For more info, check out her website (,
follow her on Twitter (@AlysonRosenfeld),
or on Instagram (@alysonleighrosenfeld).

Stephanie Sheh Stephanie Sheh
Voice Actress, ARD writer, Voice Director

Stephanie is really excited to be attending Otakon.

She is best known for her voice-acting in anime (Sailor Moon, Hinata: Naruto, Orihime: Bleach, Eureka: Eureka 7, YuiL K-on!, Mikuru: Melancholy of Harui Suzumiya, to name a few). She voices Zhu Li in Legend of Korra, Share Bear in the Hub's Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-lot, Lisa in Warren Buffet's The Secret Millionaire's Club, Mrs. Rabbit in Nickelodeon's Peter Rabbit, Jinafire in Mattel's Monster High and Duchess Swan in Ever After High. Stephanie has also voiced numerous videogames such as Rebecca Chambers in the Resident Evil franchise, Bravely Default, Natalia Kimlasca Landvaldeer in Tales of the Abyss, among several others. Stephanie is also an ADR writer (Oscar nominated Ernest & Celestine) and voice director, and she produced the simultaneous release of the English Language Production of Gundam Unicorn in which she voiced Mineva.

To stay up to date on her projects follow her on Twitter @stephaniesheh or join her public Facebook page.

Sonny Strait Sonny Strait
Voice Actor, Director, Illustrator

Most recognized as the voice of Krillin on the wildly popular, animated TV show Dragon Ball Z and as an illustrator for, arguably, the most famous, independently published comic book series Elfquest. Strait has over 20 years of experience in the arts.

As a voice actor, Strait is considered to be one of the most recognized in the business. Besides Dragon Ball Z, he has worked on many popular animated series including Usopp in One Piece, Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist, and Cartoon Network's laid back, robot host Toonami TOM. He has also worked as a writer and director on several TV series including Dragon Ball series, Case Closed, and Lupin the Third.

As a comic book artist he has 17 published works to date including his débuted self-published series Mr. Average featured in The Comics Journal and Elfquest which was published by both WARP Graphics and DC Comics and he's considered one of the top Elfquest artists from its over 30 year history.

In 2007, he wrote and illustrated a graphic novel about a reluctant punk rock, faerie princess named Goat. The book, called We Shadows, was published by Tokyopop and was nominated by The American Library Association for Best Graphic Novel 2008. The book received glowing reviews in many trade magazines including Publishers Weekly, Newtype, Play and Anime Insider.

He has also appeared in many video games such as the title role in S'plosion Man, the psychos in Borderlands and Neptune in Smite.

Recently, Strait has reprised his roles of Krillin in the theatrical release Dragonball Z Resurrection F and Toonami TOM 1 in the Intruder 2 series for Cartoon Network. He was also cast in his current favorite roles of Koro Sensei in Assassination Classroom and Maple in Show By Rock.

In 2015 Sonny returned to directing starting with the anime series Maria the Virgin Witch, Mikagura School Suite and the highly controversial Prison School. He has also returned to Elfquest as a colorist for Dark Horse Comics, and did a Ford commercial as Krillin! Recently he was announced as the ADR director and the new voice of Allen Schezar for the FUNimation redub of The Vision of Escaflowne.

If you are a geek genre unmarred by his carnage, know that you are so next!

LeSean Thomas LeSean Thomas
Producer, Director, Illustrator

LeSean Thomas (Makestuff LLC), known for his work on THE BOONDOCKS, THE LEGEND OF KORRA (Book 1) and BLACK DYNAMITE: THE ANIMATED SERIES, is a television animation producer, director and illustrator operating out of Los Angeles, California. He is creator, producer, director and writer of Cannon Busters the animated pilot ( with Japanese animation studio Satelight (MACROSS DELTA, BASQUASH! FAIRY TAIL) based on his creator-owned comic book of the same name.

Alexis Tipton Alexis Tipton
Voice Actress, Actress

Alexis Tipton has been working in the dubbing industry since 2008 and has loved every minute of it. She can be heard in over 150 titles so far with more announcements on the way. Most notably, she was recently announced as the new voice of Merle for the FUNimation redub of The Vision of Escaflowne.

Some of her other DVD/FUNimation Broadcast dub credits include Haru Ichinose : Riddle Story of Devil, Chu Chu : Show by Rock!, Hana Midorikawa : Prison School, Honey : Space Dandy, Maria : Maria The Virgin Witch, Kureha Tsubaki : Yurikuma Arashi, Kofuku : Noragami, Anya Hepburn : Soul Eater NOT!, Saya Kisaragi : Blood C/The Last Dark, Inori Yuzuriha/Mana Ouma : Guilty Crown, Rika Shiguma : Haganai, Kurumi Tokisaki : Date A Live, Julia Crichton : FMA: The Sacred Star of Milos, Moka Akashiya : Rosario+Vampire, Musubi : Sekirei, Mizuki Himeji : Baka and Test, Fukurou : One Piece, Yomi Isayama : Ga-Rei: Zero, Sun Seto : My Bride is a Mermaid, Chibi Japan/Kumajiro : Hetalia, and many more. A full list of credits can be found on Anime News Network.

On top of anime dub work, her voice can also be heard in a handful of video games including Tales of Zestiria as Alisha, Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven as Beatrix and Sarine, DBZ Xenoverse as Gotenks-Trunks, Borderlands 2, and more.

She can also be heard in several foreign live action film dubs : Ip Man, War of the Arrows, Tai Chi Zero/Hero, Ice Man, and more. She has also provided vocals for various character songs and a few of FUNimation's trailers. She has been a stage actress most of her life and is currently studying opera and film. She resides in Dallas, Texas but also works in Los Angeles, California. Follow Alexis on Twitter @AlexisTiptonVA.

Shunsuke Wada Shunsuke Wada
Craftsman, Engraver

Shunsuke Wada, an engraver, was born in 1983 and raised in Takaoka City, Toayama, Japan. After graduating from college, Shunsuke joined a game development company to work as a CG designer. During his six years as a designer, Shunsuke worked on entertainment machines. In 2011, Shunsuke decided to head back to Takaoka to help out his family business of engraving, and to eventually succeed the craftsman position as the fourth heir of the Wada workshop.

As a child, Wada loved otaku culture including anime, manga, movies, games, and tokusatsu. In 2013, Wada began the "TakaOtacraft Committee" with his fellow craftsmen from Takaoka. The mission of TakaOtacraft is to bring traditional craft art and anime together. Wada loves figures and dolls.

Kazutomi Yamamoto Kazutomi Yamamoto
Voice Actor

Kazutomi was born on January 3rd in Hyogo Prefecture. In 2009, he debuted in Seitokai no Ichizon as Yoshiki Nakameguro, and has appeared in many other series since then. In 2012, he voiced Kio Asuno in Mobile Suit Gundamn AGE as his first leading role. In 2013, he won the Best Rookie Actor at the 7th Seiyu Awards In 2015, he played protagonist Yumoto Hakone in Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!. For the same series, he performed the opening theme song as part of the unit Earth Defense Club, and participated in Earth Defense Club's first live event Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LIVE! (at Zepp Tokyo) on May 23, 2015.

His main roles include: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! as Yumoto Hakone, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE as Kio Asuno,Future Card Buddyfight as Tetsuya Kurodake, and Yurikuma Arashi as Life Beauty.

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