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August 8 - August 10, 2014
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: News/Updates
July 22, 2014  NEW! Otakon to Host Sailor Moon Saturday!

July 22, 2014  NEW! Otakon to host In This Corner of the World art exhibit!

July 21, 2014  NEW! Otakon welcomes Stephanie Sheh and Robbie Daymond, the new English voices of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

July 21, 2014  NEW! The Otakon Website will be temporarily offline starting at 8PM EDT 7/22/14 for server maintenance.

July 18, 2014   It's time for the Guess the Matsuri Guest: Round 2!

July 18, 2014   Cosplaying at Otakon? Check out our Photo Suite!

July 18, 2014   Get to know the featured presenters for Otakon 2014!

July 18, 2014   Our All Roads Lead to Otakon page has been updated for 2014!

July 17, 2014   Otakon is proud to welcome back Yoshiki - this time, finally, for a proper full concert performance!

July 16, 2014   Please join us in welcoming Jiro Ishii and Sunao Katabuchi to Otakon!

July 16, 2014   Otakon welcomes the Real Escape Game!

July 16, 2014   We're pleased to announce the Workshops Roster for Otakon 2014!

July 14, 2014   Otakon welcomes Wendee Lee!

July 9, 2014   Masquerade registration opens tonight Wednesday, July 9 at 9 PM EDT!

July 9, 2014   Otakon is excited to announce ALTIMA as our Friday concert performance!

July 8, 2014   We're pleased to announce the Fan Panels Roster for Otakon 2014!

July 4, 2014   Otakon will be holding one of the qualifier rounds for the 2014 GunPla Builders World Cup!

July 4, 2014   On June 30th, 2014, Otakorp terminated our agreement with Studio Nasu, including usage of our intellectual property.

July 4, 2014   Otakon welcomes Benjamin Briggs and The RiCECOOKERS, who will be performing at the Otakon Matsuri!

July 2, 2014   Time for another round of Guess the Guest: Friday Musical Act Edition!
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