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August 12 - August 14, 2016
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: News/Updates
July 25, 2016  NEW! Please welcome Kuniko Kanawa to Otakon 2016!

July 22, 2016  NEW! Otakon is excited to announce ALL OFF as our Sunday concert performance!

July 22, 2016  NEW! Previously announced guest Yui Makino is performing Friday night's concert!

July 22, 2016  NEW! Please join us in welcoming Jiro Ishii, Koji Morimoto, and Muneki Ogasawara, premiering the first episode of Under the Dog!

July 22, 2016  NEW! The Workshops Roster for Otakon 2016 is now available!

July 21, 2016   We're pleased to announce the Fan Panels Roster for Otakon 2016!

July 20, 2016   Please join Otakon 2016 in welcoming Ray Chase!

July 19, 2016   Otakon 2016 welcomes Lauren Landa!

July 18, 2016   Update: Online Registration will close on Wednesday, August 10th at 10:00pm EDT. Make sure your registration submissions are complete and paid for before that time. Don't wait until the last second!

July 15, 2016   Man at Arms brings the heat of the forge to Otakon 2016!

July 15, 2016   Forms for the Otakon 2016 Art Show are now available.

July 14, 2016   All 11,536 mailed badges have been shipped. Tracking numbers will start to be posted to the members area tonight. Check your registration history for information. Please contact us through if you uncover an issue with your mailed badge.

July 14, 2016   Lip Sync For Your Cosplay is back for Otakon 2016!

July 14, 2016   Sonny Strait arrives at Otakon 2016!

July 13, 2016   Otakon welcomes Alexis Tipton!

July 12, 2016   Please join Otakon 2016 in welcoming Aaron Dismuke!

July 11, 2016   Otakon 2016 welcomes Caitlin Glass!

July 8, 2016   Wrapping up our Friday guest announcements, we welcome Kazuki Akane to Otakon 2016!

July 8, 2016   Otakon 2016 welcomes Yoshitaka Kawaguchi!

July 8, 2016   Please join Otakon 2016 in welcoming Kasumi Fukagawa!
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