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August 8 - August 10, 2014
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Crisis Heart Brawlers, Clash at Otakon!
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Otakorp, in conjunction with Studio Nasu, announced at Otakon 2012 the production of video game Crisis Heart Brawlers, Clash at Otakon!

To commemorate the 20th year of Otakon coming up, Otakorp has joined up with Studio Nasu to produce Crisis Heart Brawlers, Clash at Otakon! This is an exciting and fast paced beat 'em up game in the same vein as Final Fight or River City Ransom.

Highlights of the game include:

  • 1-4 players.
  • PC and Mac with future plans for console and mobile releases.
  • Features voices of famous Voice Actors including Johnny Yong Bosch, Cristina Vee, Kyle Hebert, and Todd Haberkorn.
  • Music by Eyeshine.
  • Three playable characters have been revealed so far: Hiroko, Hiroshi, and Ping from Megatokyo

And as we are by fans, for fans, we are funding this via Kickstarter so the fans can help out and contribute. Backers will have access to the early release of the game and beta testing as well as other great rewards for various levels of support. They will also have the opportunity to contribute ideas to the game during it's development.

Official Comment Thread on the Otakon BBS: Click Here

Kickstarter Link: The Official Otakon Super Beat Em' Up Video Game!

For more information, please visit

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